Volunteering hunting

Today I attended a volunteer information session at Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) in hope that I could be a part of their inspirational team.

When I got there, I didn’t know where to go. I looked over towards the information desk and there were two fairly old men, dressed in red and wearing blue lanyards. I knew that they were volunteers and they were so friendly in true response when I asked them were the La Trobe Theatre was, as that was where it was held.

“So you want to become a volunteer just like one of us, we’re 21, young and strong just like you!”

I got to the theatre half an hour early and it was empty bar two people: an old lady and a girl my age. The girl asked me if I was second year biomed and I said yes. She then asked me if I was my prac partner in semester one, who apparently looks like me. I get that quite often and it’s frustratingly funny. I also get that I look Korean quite often but that’s irrelevant. It turns out that she is also in second year biomed, is in the same genetics tute as me and the same molecular and cellular biology (mcb) prac as me. What were the chances? She was also from Korea but moved to New Zealand to study high school. We both empathized over the dreaded GAMSAT.

The main reason I want to volunteer is because I want to experience the hospital workplace and have a long term commitment to such a rewarding opportunity for experience. I want to meet new people and make a difference to their day, even if it’s just a small gesture, in order to get my mind away from my studies because biomed can make us all a little crazy.

Hopefully, my experience volunteering at an aged care home, the Red Cross, the international diabetes federation (IDF) 2013 congress and the upcoming orientation host program and my other life experiences will carry me through the interview. They are taking 50 volunteers this year and there are about 120 applicants. The odds are way better than Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH). I will keep you all posted on how I will go for the interview on the 4th of March.



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