Orientation hosting

What an experience. The torch has been past on to me from my last year’s orientation host.

To be honest, last year I didn’t even attend the host group that was assigned to me. I tagged along with other friends I knew. I think the host program benefits most the students who are fairly new to the city environment or Melbourne. Nevertheless, I tried to make my students’ host program experience as best to my ability as possible. It’s been a long time since I woke up this early at 6.30am so I could get to the training rooms and collect my gear. When I got there at 8.30am, it only took literally a minute when they said it would take around 45 minutes, so I just chilled with a few friends for a while before embarking on my adventure.

When I got to the place, I saw a guy with a head down looking at his phone that I suspected to be a part of my group, but just to be sure, I put on my Doraemon hat as stated in the emails and texts I sent out to them and surely enough, he asked if I was his group leader. Before I knew it, my group numbers grew until I had 10. I was meant to have 11 and 2 of which just joined randomly. I played a few icebreakers to let them get comfortable with each other. I got them to remember each others name and something interesting about them, play two/three truths one lie, handed out questions in sets of two for them to pair up with and squark/bang! I took them to all the places in Union House, the practical rooms and tutorial rooms in Redmond Barry (for biology), the sports centre, Kathleen Fitzpatrick theatre (formerly known as Copland theatre) in Arts West (for biology), the Co-op bookshop, Baillieu Library, the crepe place, southlawn, Brownless biomedical library and finally the medical building, where they wanted to line up for the biomedicine students’ society. I decided to call for a lunch break so they could line up for camp tickets and have lunch. When I returned to to meet up with them, they were all over the place and some of them were still in line, so I decided to bid them farewell. I really wanted to show them Sidney Myer Asia Centre, Lygon street and the Spot for those who choose to do commerce as breadth subjects. I suppose you can’t make everything perfect so I let the future biomedicine students free to fend for themselves.

Afterwoods, I went to the State Library of Victoria to write two essays in 1 hour and 11 minutes. They topics were themed upon disaster and bullying, which I found quite comfortable to write with. Nevertheless, I was still 11 minutes too slow for GAMSAT standards so I still have to work on that.



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