It’s not that bad.

So I finally received my email from the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) volunteer service after applying for an interview and filling out all of the forms they handed out. I didn’t even get an interview. I was so pumped for it! However, they did say that most of us would proceed to the interview during the information session. Oh well. I suppose I didn’t match their needs. I should have been sneaky and ticked every possible role and every possible time. I heard that they look for fairly old people with a lot of experience and time on their hands, albeit they do have a few university students volunteering. They thanked me for my interest, said that they had a large number of requests from a wide variety of people and had a limited number of interviews and wished me luck in future volunteering opportunities. I wonder what’s happening with my application to volunteer at Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH)? They never replied and they are taking even less people than RMH. It doesn’t look good.

I suppose when one door closes, many other doors open. Since the prospect of volunteering at the big hospitals such as RMH and RCH would take a year’s commitment at least once a week, I have time for other opportunities now. What I wanted out of volunteering at RMH was the long term experience and interactions within the hospital environment to get a feel of what it would be like working there. Now that volunteering there is out of the question, working part-time as a disability carer seems appealing to me. There’s leadership and teamwork experiences involved and money. The only problem is that training takes a while. After doing 12 online modules, you have to do about 120 hours of work placement. However, since my father knows a few people (connections), I can start doing placements after doing half of the modules and get paid after doing 60 hours of placement. Other than finding a job, I’m thinking of taking up volunteering opportunities at the University of Melbourne Student Union, St John Ambulance Australia, and other hospitals such as Maroondah Hospital and Box Hill Hospital (both under eastern health). Maybe even Red Cross Australia. All these smaller opportunities make up what I wanted in the bigger ones right? All I need to do now is be proactive, go out there and grab it.

The girl that I met on the day got an interview! Maybe it was because I didn’t put enough times down on the original application form 6 months ago. I asked the lecturer at the information session whether I can change my availabilities and she said that I could change them during the interview, so I didn’t change them when I emailed them to add a few more roles to my preferences. Dodgy! Lost opportunity due to bad luck? Oh well, they have another intake around mid-year so I’ll be looking out for that.



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