Job hunting

Once again I have been scolded by my older brother and my friend to go get a job. When you put the two of them in a room they can be so harsh! 

So far in my life I have been so focused on my studies and have neglected travel, wider reading and getting a part time job. My father supports my tuition fees, my mother gives me $50 a week and I also receive Centrelink benefits fortnightly. As a result, my grades are no less than what I want them to be. But when it comes to the med school interview, I really need real life experiences to help me out by boosting my communication skills. Western societies look for well rounded individuals as opposed to eastern societies where only your marks count. I don’t have a part time job and I’ve never had a proper one, so I’m looking to start out small and work my way up to maybe a receptionist whilst studying biomedicine and the dreaded GAMSAT. Hopefully I would still have time to volunteer at an organisation that I can be passionate about. This year and the next are going to be hectic. Hopefully I can enjoy the uni life.

When I told my brother that dad referred me to a disability course to later work in the disability industry, he reprimanded me and rhetorically asked me how talking to disabled people would help my communication skills in the real world. When my brother told me to get a part tine job at Coles for example, my friend added to the weight of the pressure on me by yelling “See? I’ve told you this before”. She always says that in that yelling tone when I don’t listen to her advice. Finally my brother cruelly added “When has dad ever given any good advice?”. Tough love from both of them right? At least my friend supported me in saying that it’s good that I’m focussed on doing things med related such as becoming disability carer, but I’m having tunnel vision and that I should find my first part time job. Criticism is so taken so much easier when you are praised before the blow hits you.

Anyways, I’m being proactive and I’ve started my job hunting spree tonight by looking online at advertisements for part time jobs near where I live. First thing I saw was a position for a Hungry Jacks crew member, which is literally a 2 minute walk from my house. Then there’s Woolworths and Rolld at Eastland which I will try and get in contact with tomorrow, or rather, today as it is past 12am. Funny thing is, my friend actually stole my resume and sent it out to a few organisations because she was frustrated at me for not looking for a job earlier.



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