Seizing opportunities left, right and centre

I’ve been preoccupied with thinking to myself lately. I’ve been asked what do I want in life, what are my interests and what is my passion, but I couldn’t seem to have conjured up a response on the spot. I then went off in solitude and made a list. All I could fill out was my interests. They included music, TV shows, sport and online interests. Nevertheless, I couldn’t exactly point my finger at what I wanted in life and what my passion is.

Perhaps it’s because I haven’t exposed myself to many aspects of life in order to rule out what I don’t like and leave in what I do. I haven’t had my first job yet, I haven’t travelled overseas independent of my parents and I haven’t read many books. All I’ve really done is eat, sleep, study, repeat. Eat, sleep, study, repeat. I don’t blame my parents at all for mollycoddling me when I was young. Part of it is my fault for not wanting to step out of my comfort zone. But now’s the time for redemption. Now’s the time to seize every opportunity there is in an attempt to expose myself to the ‘real world’, as I don’t want to be that interviewee who has been living under a rock his entire life and only knows how to study. It’s time to carpe diem.

I will share with you my recent spoils in my conquest. Today, I submitted my application to participate in Bio21’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), an opportunity for paid research experience available to undergraduates during semester two. I’m very keen on doing this, so I hope my application gets through to interview. I also expressed interest in joining University of Melbourne’s International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) team for 2014, which is a group of 12-13 students who work together on a science project in order to compete with other universities at MIT, Boston, in November this year. The only problem is that I probably cannot commit to both UROP and iGEM without putting a massive load on my subjects. My friend also referred me to a part-time and casual team member position at Coles, Melbourne Central, which I hastily jumped at the opportunity. Finally, I’m also quiet interested in Studying Abroad during the mid-year break at Cambridge for a Science Summer School course. I’ve saved up a fair bit and I want to see a the world, I want to meet new and interesting people, I want to live, and not just eat, sleep, study, repeat. By studying abroad, all I have to do is pass and it won’t affect my grade point averages. The only problem is whether the course counts as a breadth subject that I have to knock off my list in order to graduate. Anyways, GAMSAT is next week, I’ll tell you how I go in my next post. Wish me luck.



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