2014 GAMSAT AU is over!

Oh my goodness, my oh my. What an experience. The 5.5 hour test is more of a 12 hour commitment if you include reading time, the break and the time being stuck in traffic. I got up at 6 to have a nutritional breakfast, left the house at 7 and was bogged down in traffic heading into the show grounds.

There was a massive line into the venue at the 8am arrival time, but they processed us quickly. I put my belongings at my seat, and went to unload my bladder before familiarizing myself with my environment before we eventually started at 9.30ish. The agonizing wait was exacerbated by the one-word-per-second rate at which the MC was speaking.

Section 1 was fairly difficult, I was unsure of so many. I felt the urge to go to the toilet halfway through section one but I held it in because time was so valuable. There was no break between section 1 and section 2. I was lucky for section 2 as the topics were themed upon multiculturalism and globalisation for the first essay and wealth and happiness for the second. I had recently written a practice essay along the lines of wealth and happiness and I also recently watched John Green’s crash course video on globalisation from Khan Academy’s website. Lucky stumble right?

Then came the one hour break from 1. I ate my packed lunch, met up with a few friends and unloaded my bladder once again because I did not want to waste valuable time. Because it took an hour to get everyone back into the venue, we eventually started section 3 at 3. While I was waiting, I turned around behind me and started talking to the girl sitting there. Turns out she’s working full time in a pharmacy after studying that at Monash and was just sitting it just to see where she’ll get with it. As for this section, I had a strong start but of course, there are always questions that test your ability. I had a mild headache and my back was killing me by the end of the exam. Note to self: bring in a Panadol next time.

Results come out in about 8 weeks so until then, we’re all playing the waiting game. I’ll keep you guys posted!

Right now, I’ve got to catch up on lecture notes that I’ve neglected in favour of GAMSAT. I’m glad I did, because otherwise I wouldn’t have stumbled on John Green’s crash course videos. Regardless of my performance, I’m going to sit it again just to see whether I can do better. I’m kind of nervous about it though because I might not get that lucky for section 2.

In other news, I have returned to the single life.



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