Biomed booze cruise

It was time for post-GAMSAT celebrations. My first time drinking on a boat was pretty fun. The music was alright and the drinks were cheap. It was jungle themed so I wore camouflage shorts, a black singlet and had face paint put on along with my other friends at pres. Tickets were $35, drinks were from $3, but no shots were allowed to be served. Free pizza was also served at the start.

Amongst the crowd there were friends and so many first years. I looked after my first year friend for the latter part of the night as she had a little too much to drink and I had decided to take the tram back home with her. It was awesome because one of my high school mates was working at the bar and he gave me discount. Top bloke.

We went to Alumbra for a little bit afterwards but when we left, there were no trams. We walked down Collins street until we reached Spencer street, where a tram took us halfway home. She called her dad to pick us up while we were waiting at a tram stop and he happened to be right next to us in his car. That was coincidentally creepy. It was lucky we got home without taking a cab. They’re so expensive, especially at night time.

Lately, my throat is beginning to feel sore and I’ve been catching up on lectures. I am almost up to date.



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