Intra-semester test drama

This doesn’t happen every time. Because the 2011 past paper was the same as the 2012 past paper, and the 2013 past paper was leaked onto our Facebook group page with good intent, there were some students who had access to an ‘unfair advantage’ because the 2014 paper entailed similar questions. The lecturers and faculty coordinators are currently deciding what to do, whether to void the test or conduct an alternative approach if the data of scores are significantly different from last year.

Funnily enough, there was a question that my friend got wrong in the 2013 paper and I taught him how to do it. In the 2014 paper, I overlooked the similarly corresponding question and I got it wrong whereas he got it right. The student has surpassed the teacher.

Post-test celebrations included dinner and drinks at a Korean restaurant, karaoke and a McDonalds’ run all before attending 9am lectures the day after.



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