GAMSAT AU 2014 results: attempt 1

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At last. All that hard work during the summer break has now finally paid off. Now I have something strong to fall back on. Honestly, I was expecting a score of 65 and was hoping for a score of 70 for my first attempt.

Upon completion of  the exam, I knew that my section 1 performance was going to fall short of being amazing and I honestly did not know how well I fared in section 2 because it is so subjective. Conversely, I felt quiet confident for section 3 from my biomedical studies. So upon viewing my statement of results, my section 2 score by far took my by surprise. I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon John Green’s Youtube video about globalisation the night before 22nd March 2014.

To those who did not achieve what they wanted, there’s always next time. And to those who excelled beyond their expectations, congratulations – you all deserve it.

Where to from now?

My short-term goals are to cram 28 lectures into 4 days of study for the upcoming intra-semester test next week. In the following week, the last week of semester, I have two online tests to study for and a class presentation. Then it’s exam mode.

My mid-term goals are to try and improve my GAMSAT score from a score of 70 (95-96th percentile). Because the University of Melbourne equally weight each section of the GAMSAT, my Melbourne weighted score would be reduced to 68. Therefore for my next attempt (GAMSAT UK 2014), I aim to improve my section 1 score so that I will end up with an overall score of 75 or a Melbourne weighted score 70. There’s always room for improvement right?

As for my long-term goals, because I have something strong to fall back on now, I really want to travel overseas and see the world during the holidays. I want to work and I want to volunteer during my studies.

Although this is a small step in my journey, I hope this inspires you and others that hard work can get you anywhere in life.



11 thoughts on “GAMSAT AU 2014 results: attempt 1

    • Hey YApp,

      Good question, there are a few reasons! I figured that if I didn’t get into medicine the first time, I could use my second score as a backup for my second application because my first score would expire by then. If I improved, then that’s good news; if I performed worse, then all is not lost – I’ll just use my first score. Lastly, I suppose that I wanted to accompany my friends and experience it again – I know… weird.
      After Melbourne weighting, my score actually becomes a 68 and every year medicine seems harder to get into. I might sit it again in March next year depending on how I go this time around 🙂



  1. Great score. Quick question, did you manage to finish S3 and did you do it in chronological order or in order of subject topics.


    • Hey Sophie,
      Thanks you! From memory, I think I started off in chronological order, but when I got stuck I would mark my paper so I wouldn’t forget about it later and move on. It’s hard to say whether I finished S3 properly, because there’s always a rush towards the end of the time limit. They kind of group subject topics together too.


      • Thanks for the reply. Would you mind giving your ranking for the universities you are going to apply to (assuming you are applying with GEMSAS), and why you chose the ranking? thanks


  2. Hi, during the summer term how much did you study. It would be great if you could tell when when you started, how many hours a day and how many times a week


    • Hi Lill,

      On average, I studied about 3 hours a day, starting from a couple of weeks into my break. Obviously some days I wouldn’t have time to study, whereas other days I may do up to 6 hours – it’s important to find a balance that suits you!



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