End of semester: a reflection

No more class, no more making notes, but no less pressure. It’s swotvac, exams are in a week and second year subjects are worth twice as much as first year subjects. I just can’t wait until third year. I suppose I can really only unwind after my last exams by going out for celebratory drinks and finding a job during the break before settling down to study once again for the GAMSAT UK.

It comes with a tinge of sadness that after these exams, I would be halfway through my bachelor degree. And what extracurricular achievements did obtain under my belt? The rest of second year would be intense study, likewise with third year. The only opportunities that appeal to me at the moment are: a) compromise with my studies and volunteer at a hospital, b) compromise with my studies and work, and/or c) volunteer overseas during the summer break.

On a side note, my friend taught me another dirty mnemonic for memorising the brain structures. I wish I knew in this in first year psych:

  • F**k pussies over crazy titties
  • Frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, cerebellum, temporal lobe

Anyways, happy studying and all the best for your exams. Study hard and do not hardly study. I will keep you guys posted on how I well or not I do.




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