Exams are over

Upon finishing my last exam for this semester, I felt no joy, I felt no pain. It felt like nothing has changed. Perhaps now that I’m halfway through my course, it’s more of a time for reflection and looking forward, rather than celebrating in the present. Or perhaps the holiday spirit has yet to hit me.

As to how I felt for my exams… Molecular and cellular biomedicine wasn’t too bad, I know I made a few errors here and there but it was easier than I expected compared to the past papers full of irrelevant material.  Principles of genetics was a breeze, as the whole paper was multiple choice and there was a lot of similarity between the past papers. However, I feel unsure about genetics health and society, as I wasn’t sure if I wrote enough to satisfy the marking scheme. Nevertheless, final results are released 11th July, so I will keep you guys posted on how well I fare.

Recently, I also stumbled upon quite a creative game called microbe invaders. Briefly, it is based around Nintendo’s Pokemon and where you would use your Pokemon to fight others, you would use drugs instead to fight off microbial infections. I heard it is quite accurate in terms of content, however there are a few minor bugs. Below is the link:


Once again, I’ll leave you guys with another dirty mnemonic that will stick in your minds. This one is for taxonomy:

  • Katy Perry Comes Over For Great Sex
  • Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species



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