Second semester of second year… and only seconds left until I finish my degree

It has been a while since I have last posted here, what can I say, I have been quite occupied. I’ll try and keep it short and sweet.

This semester I am taking the subjects Human Structure and Function (HSF), Microbes, Infection and Responses (microbes) and Glee Singing (Glee). It doesn’t really feel like this week will mark half way, but I just had an intra-semester test for HSF (lost a mark on one of the easiest questions) and next week I will have a mid-semester test for microbes. Not looking forward to the work load ahead. As for Glee, it’s actually a really enjoyable subject – I would highly recommend, as essentially 30% of the final grade is attendance, 30% is for weekly on-line multiple choice questions and the final 40% is essay writing, so you would only need to ‘pass’ the essays in order to get a H1. Not only that but singing the harmonisations and listening to them really make it worthwhile, the people you meet and the extracurricular singing activities offered are invaluable.

For Glee, we got offered the opportunity to go to the State Library of Victoria and sing Do You Hear The People Sing from Les Misérables with a real Glee Club whilst being filmed for a project. Now what’s interesting about this project is that involves gathering singers of any level to sing Do You Hear The People Sing outside of the State Library. We will be accompanied by Chris Durling, currently starring as Enjolras in the Melbourne production of Les Misérables, and Martin Croft, an original Australian Les Misérables cast member. The reason why we were filmed is so that our parts may be uploaded on YouTube to encourage the 14,950 others to learn – kind of like a call-out-recruitment video. The expected turnout is 15,000 people, which is apparently record breaking! How exciting is that? Come along and join us on the 4th of October:

Here are some awesome Gleebers that I met – check out our Les Misérables costumes:

10710584_715490291852417_8469542338097774500_n 10339643_715490411852405_4595986559476282448_n

Today I also tried out the university’s Taekwondo club today and got my ass kicked, pun not intended, which I am looking to join because I need something physical to take my mind off my studies.

About that shadowing opportunity at The Austin that I mentioned in my previous post(s), it turns out that I need to be in my clinical years of my medical degree in order to apply. Looks like I will have to reconsider that opportunity in a few years time. But all is not lost, the gastroenterologist that I keep in touch with said perhaps he could get me into his clinic at Royal Melbourne Hospital. Looking forward to that!

In other new, I have finished booking flights to Thailand and Korea this summer, with a return flight stopping over in Hong Kong for a few days. I have also finalised payments with the Gap Medics medical placement in Chaingmai. The next thing on my checklist is to get my vaccinations – accommodation can wait. Because this is the first time going overseas without my parents, I managed to get my passport done as well.

This saturday I am volunteering for a medical charity ball. As much as I am excited for this, it’s my elder brother’s birthday this Sunday, so I am dreading the lack of study I will be getting. I am already starting to fall behind by studying for the HSF intra-semester test, and I have a microbes one to study for next week.

The GAMSAT UK is in two weeks time, and in all honesty, I have not prepared well for it. That is, I anticipate underperformance this time around. I just think because of the fact that it’s during week 8 of the 12 week semester, students are too immersed in their subjects to study for the GAMSAT. Even if you have studied during the winter break, which I did a bare minimum of, 2 months is a long time to forget all that you’ve learnt. I suppose I will see my true aptitude performance in 2 weeks time.



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