2014 GAMSAT UK finished

So my second time sitting the GAMSAT felt a lot different from the first. Although I did the bare minimum preparation for it, I didn’t feel nervous at all coming in. Maybe because I have a decent score to back me up, or perhaps it was because I was no longer a GAMSAT-virgin.

Either way I felt that ACER organised it better at the Caulfield venue – the speaker on the microphone was far more relaxed, there were less people (900 compared to 3000), less zones (4 compared to 12) and less hassle with getting started on the testing time. The desks were far more superior in quality and size than the ones in Flemington and we also finished earlier.

I found section 1 slightly better than last time, however I probably didn’t perform exceptionally well. I guess we’ll see how I fare Friday in 8 weeks time.

As for section 2, I felt the consequences of not writing lots of practise essays; I was far better prepared last time. The themes were modern communication technology for part A and art for part B. I had no idea how to start my part B essay… I mean what is art? I’ll be honest, I’m not looking forward to getting my section 2 results back.

As usual, I found section 3 to be my strongest. Because I rushed the start last time I sat the GAMSAT, I had a lot of spare time at the end. This time took it relatively easy and managed my timing right.

Now it’s back to work, catching up on lecture recordings and lecture notes neglected in place of studying for my mid-semester tests and this GAMSAT exam.



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