Mid-semester break

Looking ahead, the outlook of my mid-semseter break looks pretty bleak. I’ve got a practical report for microbes and two essays for glee singing. Not only that, there’s a human structure and function mid-semester test in the week following the break and it doesn’t help being 16 lectures behind in notes. I guess I can’t complain, as I’m sure there are many others out there that have larger loads of work to do, but the point is that next week is not a true break from studying.

The good news is, that we’ve almost finalised our accommodation for our overseas trip and that one of our flights got upgraded! Originally, we were offered an upgrade to a better plane, but we had the option of leaving a day earlier and stop over at Singapore for a night. A free flight to Singapore – why not? I have always wanted to visit and now this is my opportunity to do so.

Ever since filming for Hear the people sing, I’ve watched the 10th and 25th anniversary concerts for Les Misérables and I really would like to see the Melbourne production during the break. I read about rush tickets where you line up at the ticketbox 2 hours before a scheduled performance and you can get tickets for $45! That’s like 1/3 of the price, but whether you get good seats is one question and whether the offer is still available is another. If not, then I suppose it’s still worth paying the premium. I think I have become a Les Misérables fanboy.

Finally, a few friends from taekwondo are heading off to Unigames this weekend. I really want to train hard and go next year (in Gold Coast) but MD interviews are held during the same period of time. I conversed with a third year biomedicine student and she said that she gets back 2 days before her interview – I don’t know about you but that seems really tight on time to me, especially if I’m this behind in second year… who knows how much more behind I’ll be next year? If not next year then when? Going during my postgraduate studies seems less of a viable option, as MD is a yearlong program with only a single mid-year break. The dilemmas of my life.



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