Pressure’s on: under the pump

It’s the end of another semester and exams are fast approaching. Looking back at the semester, it’s been a roller coaster of emotions. Let’s start off with the ‘downs’ before ending on a higher note with the ‘ups’.

The bad news is that I am performing a lot worse than I expected in my core double subject, human structure and function (HSF). For the assessments, so far we have only gotten feedback for 2 mid-semester tests (MSTs), each worth 10% of our final grade. Unfortunately, I scored around 65% for both of them – I don’t understand how! I was up to date with the lectures, I studied quite a lot and I found both tests manageable – I thought I did well. The fact that I put in the effort and had high expectations is what really confounded me when I got my scores back. Funnily enough, something similar happened to me 1 year ago in first-year psych, where I wrote 2 H3 (65%) essays worth 40% of our final grade. At the time I felt pretty down, but I worked hard and managed to do well in the exam. Although HSF is definitely harder than psych, the exam is worth more. What I’m worried about is if these MST scores accurately reflect my exams scores. Hopefully, I can experience this moment déjà vu and redeem myself with HSF.

Now onto the good news! I went to the State Library’s Hear the people sing event with a few friends from Taekwondo and had a amazing time. Although it was brief, we got to sing with the ABC café from the Melbourne production of Les Misérables. Apparently well over 1000 people attended the event, which broke the record for the most people singing a song from Les Misérables  in Australia.


Just a couple of photos with my training buddies (featuring cut-out Javert):


Another highlight of this semester was taking glee singing as a breadth subject. It’s just so fun to sing pop songs as a group, especially when you compare to the other subjects I have done. We had our final performance outside the Victorian College of the Arts, our Southbank campus, and we sang:

  • All About That Bass
  • Firework
  • Mad World/Highest Ground mashup
  • Born To Be Wild
  • Royals
  • Happy
  • Sing

I’ll be honest – I’m sad that there is no more class. I want to cry! I met some awesome people –  I hope to keep in touch with them. Maybe we can sing through the songs again, or even visit Vicky (our lecturer) at the Butterfly Glee Club in that dark, shady alleyway off Little Collins street to see how she is doing.

After our final performance with Vicky:


Anyways, I shall stop procrastinating by writing this post – happy studying!



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