Yellow belt!

During SWOTVAC we had grading for MUTKD,  so I another 2 (not-so-serious) exams. Here are some of us being promoted – less of a rookie now; 2 steps closer to black belt!10683726_10152579390053757_8779200729172072350_o


GAMSAT UK results are expected to come out during this weekend too, so stay tuned. In the meantime, back to the books. Happy studying!



3 thoughts on “Yellow belt!

  1. Hi, do you know whether the GAMSAT results have ever been released over a weekend or not? I would have thought they would only be released Mon-Fri. Thanks, E.


    • Hey E,

      I thought there were going to be released yesterday! But according to my friend, I think GAMSAT UK results take a little longer than GAMSAT AU results to come out for some reason. Based on last year’s test date and result release, they should be out by next week Mon-Fri… I have never heard of a weekend release. Fingers crossed!



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