South Korea part 2: Gyeongju, Busan, Gyeonggi and Seoul (again)

After a brief week in Seoul, we took a bus to Gyeongju, a city known for it’s traditional buildings and historical sites. Here we ate at a restaurant known for the best Korean barbecue in Seoul – the first round of marinated meat was so amazing! We visited some traditional palaces, climbed a mountain to see a stone-carved buddha (apparently the most handsome and took 30 years by a single stonemason), visited many temples and tried silk worm – a delicacy in Korea and Thailand… apparently. Gyeongju was a beautiful city in that itIt was also here in Gyeongju where I also started my downward-spiralling addiction for the for the well-known banana-flavoured milk.


We then took a bus to Busan. Having lots of seafood there is an understatement and unsurprisingly it was the highlight of Busan. I tried live octopus for the first time (where it wriggles and latches its suckers onto your mouth and seafood-style Korean barbecue with clams.


From there we took the KTX (bullet train) to Gyeonggi, where my Korean Biomedicine Friend’s other aunt took us around. We went skiing at Konjiam – I totally forgot how to ski and although I stacked heaps, it was a learning process, where I managed to master the art of turning and the moderate-expert level without stacking. I spent Christmas Eve at Everland, a theme park where they had a mini-zoo, where I went on all the cool rides and where they showcased a moonlight parade. We had duck too – where it was cooked right in front of us!


Taking a bus back to Seoul, we tried ‘Cheers‘ Korean fried chicken (apparently the best roast chicken in Korea), I visited Kukkiwon (Taekwondo headquarters), saw a cookin’ NANTA theatre performance and stayed with my brother in Gangnam. Kukkiwon was more of a museum and NANTA is something definitely worthwhile seeing.


I’m now in Hong Kong – so stay tuned for the rest of my adventure!



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