Hong Kong

So today is my last day overseas in Hong Kong and I’m flying back to Melbourne for a summer subject, Principles of Management, that I’m undertaking. The total flight time is 11.5 hours with an hour stopover in Jakarta. For me, Hong Kong was more about spending time with people rather than shopping and tourist activities.

When I arrived on the Friday, my family friend ‘Aunty’, who used to babysit my older brother and I when we where younger, picked me up from the airport. Apparently on a Sunday many years ago, my mother and my older brother met her and her eldest daughter at a park/playground in Footscray and from there our families got along well because they were both from the same region in China. For most of the trip, I pretty much stayed over at Aunty’s place in Olympic and her youngest daughter, drmelz, mostly took me around Hong Kong.

After settling down, we went around Hong Kong Park and had a look at the scenery there instead of going to The Peak because there was a 2-hour wait to get the tickets for the tram ride up. At night, we went around the bay of Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) and the city lights were beautiful. We went to Vibes for shihsa and drinks to kick back and relax before heading back to Olympic. That night was my first time having shisha – apparently it’s a pretty big thing in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Park and TST:


With drmelzIMG_3755 IMG_3756 IMG_3681


Elevator selfie:IMG_3760


On the second day, I had a look around Olympic and went to Shatin to dump my luggage there before coming back to Olympic for dinner. It takes a while to travel by the MTR (subway/train) to Shatin – I had to transit twice. I found out that my Korean friends that I came with only booked the Hotel in Shatin because their friend that was taking them around Hong Kong lives there.

On the third day, we ferried to Cheung Chau, rented bikes and cycled around the island for scenery before eating dinner at a seafood restaurant. Apparently the seafood is very fresh in Cheung Chau. During our exploration of the Island, we climbed down into a narrow cave known as the Pirate Cave, named so because there is a ghost story about some pirate that used to live there before committing suicide.


On the fourth day, I had Yum Cha with Aunty before I met up with a couple of friends from UniMelb for lunch, dinner, drinks and shisha (again). We started drinking at around 2pm and I headed back to Shatin at around 10pm.

With Aunty: IMG_3719


Today, I didn’t really get up to much – Aunty wanted to meet up with me for Yum Cha again before I left for home, but I just didn’t have the time. Although we ate together for a lot of my meals, I still felt bad for declining an offer of hospitality.

When I get back to Melbourne, I’m also going to start studying for the GAMSAT again – hopefully I can improve from my first score so I have a better chance of getting into post-graduate medicine.



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