Back to work

It’s been a while since my last post – guess I’ve been busy idling during the holidays.

Today was the first day back straight into third-year and the subjects that I have decided to undertake this semester are Human Locomotor Systems (anatomy major), Muscle and Exercise Physiology (major elective), Molecule to Malady (M2M; biomed core) and World Music Choir 1 (singing breadth).

Anatomy and M2M seem really content heavy to say the least. Conversely, world music choir is really enjoyable so far- we learned to sing Hallelujah in parts and it is starting to sound amazing. The only drawback in undertaking this subject is the assessment, which involves a participation mark worth 40% of your final grade. And to do well in participation I heard you need to put your hand up for solos – and you’re competing with music students here! Well I put my hand up halfway and said ‘I’ll try’ for the tenor part, only to be overshadowed by the other keen beans sitting next to me. I guess next time a soloist opportunity comes along I’ll need to be more confident. As for physiology, I haven’t had a class yet.

A few weeks back Unimelb Adventures was looking for bloggers to join them and I guess I’m a part of the team now! As a contributor, I’ll be looking to post what’s it like studying at Unimelb, what’s going on around campus and general helpful tips (e.g. where are the best spots to study on campus, how to take notes in class, study tips, subject reviews).

Over to volunteering at the Australian Chinese Medical Association Victoria (ACMAV), a lot of the 4th year Monash med students are busy this year with rural rotations and exams. As a result, the head student volunteer is handing the role over to me – yay! Because the student volunteering team consists of 4th year Monash med students bar another 4th year Monash pharm student and I, she said that I could recruit some of my friends that are interested in joining the team. So my friends, if you’re interested, you know who to talk to!

Also, I thought I’d let you guys know that I’ve applied for a volunteer position at Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) and attended the interview. Although I found myself to be a little inarticulate/awkward during the interview, I guess I’ll find out if i make the cut soon! I also attended an information session for volunteering at The Alfred hospital and to be frank, I’m hoping RMH accepts me instead because it’s just so much more convenient to get to.

Over the rest of my holidays, I have been working with my Taekwondo instructor and a few others on a demonstration to promote the club at uni. It’s this Thursday, so break a leg!



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