Volunteering: a heads up

Today was the day I’ve been waiting for!

As you may have known, I went for a Royal Melbourne Hospital Volunteer Service interview a couple of weeks ago and I’m happy to announce that I’ve passed the interview and reference check stages and that I’ve progress to training! The 2 full-day training sessions around (but not during) the Easter break, so I will still miss some class, but it would all be worth it. I might not get to start volunteering until the end of semester though – still, that gives me enough time between my first shift and the med school interviews (around the time of the September mid-semester break) to gain some insight in the hospital setting.

During Good Friday this year, I’ll also be volunteering at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre for the Royal Children’s Hospital’s Teddy Bear Hospital. My roles include face painting and internal roaming, so that’s something to look forward to.

As for uni, it seems that I’m prioritising socialising over work and as a result I’m starting to fall a little behind in terms of lecture notes, so I’m hopefully relying on the Easter break to catch up. At least for world music choir (my breadth), I managed to score a solo for Georgian church hymn ‘Tsmindao (Holy God)’- all for the participation marks. It was funny how I encouraged my two other friends in the alto and soprano parts to step out of their comfort zone and join me. At the time, I knew they’d thank me later in hindsight – just like giving children their awfully-tasting medicine.



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