Another stepping stone closer towards a greater milestone

Short post –  I’m done and dusted with exams for this semester. One more wave to go before graduation. Overall I found these exams a little harder than previous years, even though I took a singing breadth to take the load off my other subjects. I think it all came down to time management in the end. I know there are other students who would have had worse exam timetables than me, but I felt like I focused a lot of my time and effort on the harder biomed core and really neglected anatomy and physiology because of my exam timetable. We’ll see how the results pan out – and I’ll be honest, I’m not feeling it this semester; I’m really hoping for those H1s this time around, but I don’t think I’ll be too disappointed if I fall short.

So what are my plans for these holidays? Lately I’ve been dreaming of the day that I’ll be able to bring my little baby guitar around to hospitals and play it to brighten up peoples’ days. In order to turn those dreams into reality, I’m going to kickstart a YouTube channel to document my progress and see where it leads. You can follow me from the start of my journey here:



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