Usyd waiting list

As expected, I didn’t get an offer from USyd today. I felt like my interview performance could have improved.

At least I’m on the waiting list for those who decline their Usyd offer in preference for a GEMSAS one. But then again, I’ll probably find out if I get a Unimelb offer before then.

As for Unimelb, my interview time is 3pm on the 24th, before the mid-semester break – a bit early I’d say. At the moment, I’m just pushing aside uni work for interview preparation. It’s going to be tough catching up during the mid-semester break, but I feel it’s important to practise for my tightrope performance without the safety net of Usyd.



6 thoughts on “Usyd waiting list

  1. Don’t lose hope about USyd, at least it’s the waiting list. I wish you all the best for the unimelb interview, but try not to stress too much.. you don’t want to get a panic attack when the interview comes.


    • Hi Evelyn,
      Thanks so much for for that! I’ll keep that in mind. All the best in UQ or USyd – I’ll let you know how Unimelb goes hopefully! 🙂


  2. Hey J,

    Did you attend any interview course to prepare for the med interview? Or any tips to prepare for them?
    Btw, it is very nice reading your blog and it gives me motivation to try to get into med.
    And congratulation for getting into med this year!!

    Thank you so much! ^^


    • Hi lostsheep,

      Thank you so much for your kind comments, it’s nice to know that this blog is making a difference!

      I didn’t attend any interview preparation courses, but I strongly suggest gathering a group of medical school applicants just like yourself to conduct mock interviews with each other. Resources can be found on paging doctor, and what we did was we printed some questions off, cut them up into cue-cards, and took turns interviewing each other while rotating around a circle. Not sure if I was clear enough, but I hope you got the idea!



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