Unimelb interview completed

Just finished my interview today. Thank you all for your wishes and support, you all know who you are! As for the interview itself, I felt like I did okay – could have done better; could have done worse – it’s hard to say. I’m just glad it’s over. Now it’s time to play the waiting game.

My thoughts after the interview: CSP offer would be the dream, I’d be happy with a BMP, FFP would be my expensive backup. Also, who knows if Usyd will bump me up from the waiting list to a BMP offer.

In the mean time, I’m gonna use this mid-semester break to catch up on all the uni work I’ve neglected for interview preparations. Although I’d only need to pass my subjects if I receive a conditional offer on the 30th October / 2nd November, I’m still going to try and go out of my undergraduate studies with a bang.



4 thoughts on “Unimelb interview completed

  1. Been reading your blog as a Melbourne MD hopeful myself and just wanted to wish you the best of luck man! Good luck with it all, and heres to hoping everything turned out okay for you. One day you will definitely reach your goal and become a Dr
    – Cheers


  2. Hi nj sm,

    Thank you so much for letting me know – it means a lot 🙂 I wish you all the best for you too and I hope to see you around on campus 🙂



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