Just got back yesterday from Cairns, a little trip we planned before med school starts in a week’s time.

The weather in Cairns during the wet season consisted of constant low-30 degree temperatures with the occasional rain of cats and dogs.

The one must-do in Cairns is of course visiting one of the Seven Wonders, the Great Barrier Reef. The underwater kaleidoscope is brimming with exotically coloured fish beyond the unimaginable, and having the chance to swim with these fish is literally breathtaking. We booked a budget ($99) day tour with Compass Cruises and took a 2.5-hour each-way journey to the Hastings Reef and the Breaking Patches. The crew were young and we were provided with fruit salad, a BBQ lunch with plenty of salads, and some cheese and crackers with wine.

We also visited Crystal Cascades, a ‘secret’ freshwater swimming hole well-known to the locals that is quite difficult to get to unless you had a car. Because I don’t have my full-licence yet (hiring a car is out of the question), cabs are expensive, and my friend loves walking, what we did was we took a 30-minute bus to Redlynch, and then walked the longest 8km of my life. The hike there however was totally worth it – the water was very clear and there were many swimming locations up the cascades. There were people cliff jumping, snorkelling and even fishing! As we began our journey back to the CBD, we were offered a lift from locals – it was my first time hitch-hiking and it was quite an experience!

As it was our last night in Cairns, we decided to have a seafood dinner at Salthouse, a fine-dining restaurant on the pier.

Later that evening, we met up with a like-minded blogger. Through each of our blogs, we had followed each other’s journey online from pre-med and I would never have thought that we would actually meet in person! She’s from Murdoch University in Perth, and she’s about to study the MD at the University of Sydney. Our blogs share similar sentiments and I think that it’s so cool to be able to keep in touch with my USyd counterpart in this way. When I read that she was also visiting Cairns, there was a ‘oh my goodness’ moment and I knew that we definitely had to meet up. If you enjoy reading my blog, then be sure to check her’s out too!

We caught up over drinks at The Pier Bar before joining the rest of her USyd med friends playing free pool.

Whilst in Cairns, I also spent a day attempting to teach my my how to ride a bicycle, and we also visited the Botanical Gardens.

Some snorkelling shots from the Hastings Reef:


It was such a pleasure to have met:





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