First week – orientation

Overall, it was an enjoyable week. The focus was on what it meant to be a ‘good doctor’. We had patients coming in to talk about their experiences, actors representing good and bad behaviour in a simulated hospital, really engaging case-supported learning (the university’s own touch on problem-based learning, CSL) classes, a very heated ethics discussion, and some kick-back mentoring.

We capped the week off by going to the UMMSS-organised guilty pleasures themed ‘Pleasant Friday Afternoon (PFA)’ event at the Royal Melbourne Hotel. I usually avoid themed events, but I decided to tag along as L from Death Note. The night was alright – I went with a few friends here, saw a few other friends there, but I probably won’t be going to any future PFAs in a while. I’m getting too old (and more mature thankfully).

The lectures this week were mostly unexaminable, so I’m spending this weekend reading through some resources while I still can. Next week is where the workload really picks up, with 14 lectures, 3 practicals, 2 CSLs and a principles of clinical practise (PCP) class.

On a side note, I picked up my first pair of prescription glasses this week. I know, it may surprise some of you that I’ve never seen an optometrist until recently, but it never really bothered me too much unless I was sitting at the back in lectures. So I thought, this year I might need them to keep up (and secretly look sophisticatedly smart). Although I’m still getting used to them, I’m finding such pleasure in the little things, literally, like seeing the distant stars shine clearly in the night sky. I can’t wait to stargaze in regional Victoria.



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