Easter break

So far, I’m finding the first year workload manageable – it’s just like biomed, but with a few extra clinically focused classes . The foundation block test results came back and I was content with my 27/30 – from the biomed to med transition, I definitely feel like I care less about my marks, rather I feel like I care more about enjoying the work-life balance. In terms of content, we’ve just finished the cardiovascular block and started on the respiratory block.

Class Distributions for MST#1, MEDS90001 2016

In other news, I’m excited to announce that my mate and I have successfully auditioned for the Music Therapy volunteering program at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Not only that, but I’ve finally upgraded from my Baby Taylor to an acoustic/electric GS Mini and I love it! We’re working on a handful of songs, including: The Sound Of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel), Blackbird (The Beatles), Yesterday (The Beatles), Imagine (John Lennon), Fix You (Coldplay), Yellow (Coldplay), Photograph (Ed Sheeran) and Georgia (Vance Joyce) With that being said, I am planning on resigning from my volunteer role as ward assist.

Over the Easter long weekend, rather than volunteering at the Teddy Bear Hospital, I decided to go on a road trip with some mates. We originally wanted to go camping at Wilson’s Promontory, but because we left everything until the last minute, we ended up camping in a small town called Loch. From there, we drove up to Jam Jerrup on the first day and attempted to go fishing – we didn’t catch anything except for 2 baby crabs and a handful of baby pipis, which we released. On the second day, we drove down to Inverloch and Venus bay, and this time we were lucky in catching 2 baby fish – which we also released. For our final day, we drove down to Wilson’s Prom, where we hiked up Mt. Oberon and visited Squeaky Beach.

As for the rest of my Easter break, it’s time to get studying and practising on those songs!

Chilling atop Mt. Oberon:



Group photo at Squeaky Beach:



Just the boys:



Ray Humphrey is the legend of Loch:





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