Cardiovascular and respiratory block test

A lot of exciting things have happened since my last post, particularly within the last week.

To kick things off, I had my first general practice placement, where my colleague and I sat in with a GP for half a day. The experience on the whole was really good – amongst many things, we got to feel and hear a patient with an atrial fibrillation.

I’ve also been keeping up with volunteering for the Australian Chinese Medical Association Victoria (ACMAV). There was an ophthalmology workshop where we got to practise using different types of opthalmoscopes, slit lamps and removal of burs.

We had the cardiovascular and respiratory block test last Friday – I personally found it a little more difficult/tricky than usual, but I guess we’ll wait and see how I really went.

As for post-test celebrations, we decided to treat ourselves to some seafood. The 4 of us boys went out to the Springvale fish markets, bought ourselves 8 live mud crabs and spent the day cooking.

Yesterday, I spent the day practising for music therapy volunteering with my friend. And today, we played our first gig at the main entrance of the Royal Melbourne Hospital. We ended playing (on the flute, piano, guitar) Scarborough Fair (Simon & Garfunkel), Vincent (Don McClean), The Sound Of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel), Greensleeves, Blackbird (The Beatles), Georgia (Vance Joy), Sonata Pathétique 3rd movement (Beethoven), Imagine (John Lennon) and Fix You (Coldplay). We were thinking of switching out a couple of songs for the next time, hopefully next week – can’t wait!

I’ll leave you with a shot of my left eye:IMG_4892.jpg




2 thoughts on “Cardiovascular and respiratory block test

  1. Hey hey, sounds like you’re doing well! Post-exam celebrations are the best. Hope your CV/Resp. block test results come back great! Would you still be posting your results? It’s pretty cool that you don’t mind sharing them on such a public platform c:

    Nice left eye btw haha


    • Hello again Jaime,

      Thank you for your kind wishes 🙂 I’ll probably continue to post them up – I mean it allows me to be honest with myself. Hope everything is going well over at USyd not only with GAMSAT, but also work-life balance!



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