Respite, MDSC, results

This little mid-year break was only 2 weeks, but I’m sure glad I could use it to catch my breath. I didn’t really get up to that much – I just caught up with friends that I haven’t seen for ages, learnt Sungha Jung’s version of moon river on the guitar, and also read up a little on ECGs.

Next thing I knew, it was the week of the MD student conference (MDSC). On the whole, I enjoyed the 4-day conference. There were inspirational speakers, and there were not-so-inspirational speakers. I suppose what I liked the most about it was that we weren’t examined on any of the sessions, so we were able to learn in a stress-free environment.

During the last day conference, we had a little bit of fun with mandarins. Now I know what you’re thinking, but allow me to explain. It kind of started off as an inside joke because our ‘Queen of Mandareen’ in the centre of the photos absolutely adores these fruits. And then somehow along the way, we acquired these mandarin-themed Game of Thrones titles.

From left to right: Champion of Mandareen, Queen of Mandareen, and Lord Commandareen:

20160630_133404(0) (1)20160630_133424(0)20160630_133447


I’m not sure whether this mandarin thing is a passion or becoming an obsession:


Our gastrointestinal and renal block MST, and OSCE results actually came out today. Overall I did better in the MST than the OSCEs – which I suppose gives me more room to grow and improve on the latter. I scored 100/119 on the MST, 34/40 for the physical exam OSCE (pass mark 26), and 32/40 for the patient interview OSCE (pass mark 25). What’s interesting to note is that when they calculate your final PCP grade, they will scale (down I think in this case) the OSCE marks according to their respective pass marks. CSL and PCP participation marks also came out, for which I scored 16/20 and 14/20, respectively.

Not too bad I guess. I’ll be honest, I haven’t asked any of my peers how they went yet, so I don’t really know how I stand amongst them – but then again, who really cares about this kind of stuff anymore?

Class Distributions for MST#3, MEDS90001 2016

Class Distributions for OSCE#1, MEDS90002 2016

Next week, we start the neuroscience block, so I better enjoy the rest of this weekend.



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