‘Grand’ medicine ball and results

The ball was held last week at the Pullman. Overall, I had a good time – I cheekily rode on my friend’s shoulders and managed to pull off 3 backflips! Here are some photos featuring the Champion of Mandareen and my table members:




Neuroscience, endocrine and metabolism block test results also came out last week. I scored 79/90, which isn’t bad considering the insane average of 80.8%.

Class Distributions for MST#4, MEDS90001 2016

Now I’m on my week’s break, which I hope I’ll use this time wisely. My older brother is soon leaving to work/travel in London for 2 years, so I hope to spend quality time with him. In terms of study, I hope to finish up on the exercise block and start outlining what to revise for in the finals and OSCEs.

What’s new and exciting in store for me is the MEDevice hackathon – where we network and form teams, learn about 3D modelling and 3D printing, and pitch our idea/’hack’ to a panel of judges. I’m also going to donate blood for the first time – last week I had a ‘cough’ and couldn’t donate. So look out for these in my next post.



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