MEDevice hackathon, blood donation

Over the past 3 weeks, I’ve had the immense pleasure of working with Team Baemax – my first year medical student friends and final year bioengineering students. I had so much fun working together and pitching our hack Sole-Guard – a personalised protective foot guard for diabetics in the prevention of foot ulcers. It uses 3D scanning of their feet and 3D printing of the materials to achieve the perfect fit. Out of the 5 amazing teams, we placed 3rd – our team leader (and Queen of Mandareen) was beaming and was so proud of us! There’s just something fantastical about group projects without pressures of assessment.

Sole-Guard Presntation

Having more fun than work:


Feeturing our lovely foot model (double entendre pun intended):



The dream team:




With the judges:


With everyone:


Also, I donated blood for the first time, so look away now if you don’t like the sight of it. Apparently it takes a day to restore your blood volume, but 2 months to restore your red blood cells:



As for now, we have our final block test in a month’s time, and following that our final exams and OSCEs. Fun times ahead.



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