MD1 reflections

So the last of my results came out today. For FBS, I scored 93/120 for MST5, 95/120 for the MCQ/EMQ paper, 117/180 for the SAQ paper, with a 17/20 for CSL participation. For PCP, I scored 33/40 for the headache history (pass mark 26) , 37/40 for the cardiovascular examination (pass mark 27), 30/40 for the jaundice history (pass mark 23), 30/40 for the eye examination (pass mark 26), with a 14/20 for class participation. Overall:


Feedback on PCP1 Semester Two OSCEs 2016

FBS EOY Announcement

Looking back on the year, I’m lucky to have befriended some of the smartest and most hard-working peers I know ; it is truely an honour to call you guys and gal pals friends (thanks for carrying me in the past, present and future; you all know who you are). Although I found MD1 more difficult to do well in, it was nonetheless more enjoyable than undergrad thanks to said friends. Looking forward next year, I don’t feel quite ready for clinical placements – but really, who ever is?



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