2014 GAMSAT UK results… you win some you lose some

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Yeah. I was hoping for the best, but expecting the worst and I got the bomb dropped on me. This time around, I performed worse in all three of my sections – probably because I didn’t really study for it. Section I dropped from 57 to 54, section II dropped from 72 to 56, and section III dropped from 75 to 68. I suppose this is my natural aptitude. Oh well, there’s nothing much to say but that there’s always March I guess?  Hopefully I can balance my time with studying a summer breadth.

In other news, I finished all my exams yesterday and I feel iffy about them. The anatomy component of human structure and function (HSF) was manageable, the physiology component of HSF was a little more confusing, and I felt like I gave up studying for microbes. Results come out in a few weeks, so I guess time will tell. I’m so glad I did glee singing and didn’t have to do an extra exam. Freedom!

Finally went to see Les Misérables today too. We got there at 11am and lined up for rush tickets ($45) to the 1pm session. The seats we got weren’t too bad (P row stalls on the left), the performance gradually got better towards the end and the music was pretty standard. I’ll admit I teared up a few times! Brunch before the show:



I’m flying out in a few days time for Singapore, Thailand, South Korea and Hong Kong, so I’ll be quite preoccupied with pre-departure preparations. Looking forward to experiencing the different cultures and the food – I shall be taking lots of photos for you all to see, so stay tuned!



2014 GAMSAT UK finished

So my second time sitting the GAMSAT felt a lot different from the first. Although I did the bare minimum preparation for it, I didn’t feel nervous at all coming in. Maybe because I have a decent score to back me up, or perhaps it was because I was no longer a GAMSAT-virgin.

Either way I felt that ACER organised it better at the Caulfield venue – the speaker on the microphone was far more relaxed, there were less people (900 compared to 3000), less zones (4 compared to 12) and less hassle with getting started on the testing time. The desks were far more superior in quality and size than the ones in Flemington and we also finished earlier.

I found section 1 slightly better than last time, however I probably didn’t perform exceptionally well. I guess we’ll see how I fare Friday in 8 weeks time.

As for section 2, I felt the consequences of not writing lots of practise essays; I was far better prepared last time. The themes were modern communication technology for part A and art for part B. I had no idea how to start my part B essay… I mean what is art? I’ll be honest, I’m not looking forward to getting my section 2 results back.

As usual, I found section 3 to be my strongest. Because I rushed the start last time I sat the GAMSAT, I had a lot of spare time at the end. This time took it relatively easy and managed my timing right.

Now it’s back to work, catching up on lecture recordings and lecture notes neglected in place of studying for my mid-semester tests and this GAMSAT exam.


GAMSAT AU 2014 results: attempt 1

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At last. All that hard work during the summer break has now finally paid off. Now I have something strong to fall back on. Honestly, I was expecting a score of 65 and was hoping for a score of 70 for my first attempt.

Upon completion of  the exam, I knew that my section 1 performance was going to fall short of being amazing and I honestly did not know how well I fared in section 2 because it is so subjective. Conversely, I felt quiet confident for section 3 from my biomedical studies. So upon viewing my statement of results, my section 2 score by far took my by surprise. I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon John Green’s Youtube video about globalisation the night before 22nd March 2014.

To those who did not achieve what they wanted, there’s always next time. And to those who excelled beyond their expectations, congratulations – you all deserve it.

Where to from now?

My short-term goals are to cram 28 lectures into 4 days of study for the upcoming intra-semester test next week. In the following week, the last week of semester, I have two online tests to study for and a class presentation. Then it’s exam mode.

My mid-term goals are to try and improve my GAMSAT score from a score of 70 (95-96th percentile). Because the University of Melbourne equally weight each section of the GAMSAT, my Melbourne weighted score would be reduced to 68. Therefore for my next attempt (GAMSAT UK 2014), I aim to improve my section 1 score so that I will end up with an overall score of 75 or a Melbourne weighted score 70. There’s always room for improvement right?

As for my long-term goals, because I have something strong to fall back on now, I really want to travel overseas and see the world during the holidays. I want to work and I want to volunteer during my studies.

Although this is a small step in my journey, I hope this inspires you and others that hard work can get you anywhere in life.


2014 GAMSAT AU is over!

Oh my goodness, my oh my. What an experience. The 5.5 hour test is more of a 12 hour commitment if you include reading time, the break and the time being stuck in traffic. I got up at 6 to have a nutritional breakfast, left the house at 7 and was bogged down in traffic heading into the show grounds.

There was a massive line into the venue at the 8am arrival time, but they processed us quickly. I put my belongings at my seat, and went to unload my bladder before familiarizing myself with my environment before we eventually started at 9.30ish. The agonizing wait was exacerbated by the one-word-per-second rate at which the MC was speaking.

Section 1 was fairly difficult, I was unsure of so many. I felt the urge to go to the toilet halfway through section one but I held it in because time was so valuable. There was no break between section 1 and section 2. I was lucky for section 2 as the topics were themed upon multiculturalism and globalisation for the first essay and wealth and happiness for the second. I had recently written a practice essay along the lines of wealth and happiness and I also recently watched John Green’s crash course video on globalisation from Khan Academy’s website. Lucky stumble right?

Then came the one hour break from 1. I ate my packed lunch, met up with a few friends and unloaded my bladder once again because I did not want to waste valuable time. Because it took an hour to get everyone back into the venue, we eventually started section 3 at 3. While I was waiting, I turned around behind me and started talking to the girl sitting there. Turns out she’s working full time in a pharmacy after studying that at Monash and was just sitting it just to see where she’ll get with it. As for this section, I had a strong start but of course, there are always questions that test your ability. I had a mild headache and my back was killing me by the end of the exam. Note to self: bring in a Panadol next time.

Results come out in about 8 weeks so until then, we’re all playing the waiting game. I’ll keep you guys posted!

Right now, I’ve got to catch up on lecture notes that I’ve neglected in favour of GAMSAT. I’m glad I did, because otherwise I wouldn’t have stumbled on John Green’s crash course videos. Regardless of my performance, I’m going to sit it again just to see whether I can do better. I’m kind of nervous about it though because I might not get that lucky for section 2.

In other news, I have returned to the single life.