Easter brrreak

Teddy doctoring at Teddy Bear Hospital; Bearly survived Labertouche Caves (Grizz caving in spirit):


Happy birthday Grizz – brrrgrrrs, escape room, food coma:





Celebrated my birthday early this year. We went to Red Spice Road for the pork belly and Berlin Bar for the bunk(er) bed. I wanted to see what it would feel like being Santa Claus for a day – so as a gesture of gratitude for each friendship, I got everyone their own small gift and nice card. In the end, I was spoilt instead!

Couldn’t have asked for better company (missing PanPan):

img_2276 img_2284



Life’s full of surprises!

Third year has definitely been the best year in my life and here are some reasons why.

Apart from receiving an offer to study at my dream medical school, my friend surprised me with a stethoscope and a card to congratulate me the following morning!

Littmann Classic III – I love how it looks sleek and how it’s not too flashy:



It feels good shading in the last multiple choice bubble of your undergrad degree and breathing in the fresh summer air of freedom. 3 years of assessments have finally come to an end.

After my final exam, outside Royal Exhibition Building, at the fountain of youth (I just call it that):



Okay, time for the meat of the post-sandwich. Yesterday, I felt truly blessed. After my final exam, I was surprised by none other than my lovely biomed-anat-singaporean/international/interstate friends. I’ve never had a surprise birthday dinner before and my jaw (buccinator muscle) was sore from grinning like an idiot throughout last night! I hope you guys are reading this. I love you guys for sharing your cosmopolitan cultures and experiences. I love you guys for being the best classmates and study buddies that I could have asked for; anat pracs and biomed tutes would not have been the same without you guys. I love you guys for laughing like hyenas – whether it’s at me, or along with my idiosyncratic sense of humour, I’m still unsure to this day! But most of all, I love you guys for blessing me with your beautiful souls. I know we’re going our separate ways, but I am genuinely looking forward to all of our paths one day crossing over again. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Surprised at Longrain by these beautiful souls:



The sweetest cards I’ve read – thank you all, you guys mean so much to me:



At the moment, I’m enjoying my well-deserved break 320km east of Melbourne, at Lakes Entrance. It’s nice to know that I could fulfil my BMP return of service here.

Looking forward to the upcoming posts on results and graduation.