Transitioning into MD2 Bendigo

Summer holidays are over and I’ve had the pleasure of catching up with friends – celebrated PanPan’s birthday, made watermelon cake, made ‘eating lots of food’ an understatement, and had a classic BBQ. For future summers to come, I endeavour to continue my learning on overseas placements. I’ve now moved into Bendigo with my housemates and it’s already been a week of orientation.

Rest of my holidays:


Feel free to check out my summer cover:


Rural clinical school; Bendigo clinical school:


Back for the first weekend – with my bears:




Writing therapy

Therapeutic post – it’s the day before the neuroscience, endocrine and metabolism block test and here I am writing this post. I never seem to be able to get myself into the mood of studying the day before tests/exams. It’s like a feeling of impending doom; that whatever I study today won’t make a difference tomorrow; that I just want to get it over and done with. Sometimes I wish I knew how to cram like the others – it really is time efficiency at its finest.

Overall, I enjoyed the blocks so far this semester. Neuroscience, although harder to grasp, was definitely more interesting to learn about; endocrine and metabolism on the other hand, were more straightforward and relaxing.

During this time, I had my first session demonstrating anatomy to 2nd year science students. I found it nerve-racking and awkward at the start, but I managed to enjoy it towards the end. I was surprised at how much they all knew (there were some pretty hard questions thrown at me) and the other demonstrators were friendly.

Also, our med hoodies have arrived. They’re super comfortable, however I’m not sure how often I’ll wear it out in public. A part of me says ‘I’ll be judged’, another part of me says ‘who cares?’:



These days, I’ve been getting back into Coldplay for the A Head Full Of Dreams Tour. The Queen of Mandareen is a big fan, and because I thought Mylo Xyloto was their latest album featuring Magic and A Sky Full Of Stars, she definitely was not pleased me! Now we have Coldplay song-offs, where the #coldplaychallenger challenges the #coldplayconnoisseur for the Coldplay Honour, with mandarins at stake of course.