Easter brrreak

Teddy doctoring at Teddy Bear Hospital; Bearly survived Labertouche Caves (Grizz caving in spirit):


Happy birthday Grizz – brrrgrrrs, escape room, food coma:




Mid-semester/ Easter break road trip to Cathedral Ranges

Halfway through the semester and it’s time to escape from the piling tower of work biomedicine entails, to head on a road trip, to run away with friends and forget everything about being a university student.

Because I heard positive reviews from my friend about Cathedral Ranges, that it was “like the 1,000 steps Kokoda track memorial walk on steroids”, I had to see it for myself. So when we were deciding on what to do during the break, I persuaded my new group of friends to drive down with me and connect with mother nature.

Preparation included loading our cars with food and drink and booking accommodation in the middle of nowhere.

Cathedral Ranges is a 2 hour drive from Melbourne CBD along Maroondah Highway east-bound. We met up at my house at 9.30 and I introduced my dog Rhyno to them before departing. The drive was longer than we expected because we actually missed one of the turns by 15km. By the time we got there it was about midday and we got lost for a bit because we didn’t know where the track started. The ascent:


Overall, the scenery was rewarding and the exercise was thoroughly enjoyed. It took us about 5 and a half hours for the return trip of 460m in altitude and we had someone with medical issues throughout the trek. The weather could have been sunnier though, but I suppose we were grateful the rain held out until the next morning and not during our journey. We actually danced with death when we accidentally took the wrong pathway that traversed the edge of the peak.

After the descent, we headed straight to our booked accommodation in Warburton as it was the cheapest we could find in the vicinity Cathedral Ranges. Funny thing is that Google Maps mislead us to yet again take the longer route. It was 35km of bends that had no cars and my friend almost hit a deer. But the true dilemma arose when we arrived and realised that the kitchenette advertised did not include a stove so we couldn’t cook a lot of the food we were looking forward to eating. Instead, we just cooked up a storm of noodles.