Halfway through MD2

So I’ve just finished my first semester of clinical teaching. On weekends back in Melbourne, completed the Mad Mex 1kg burrito challenge to claim our ‘authentic’ Mexican wrestling masks, and took our mum to visit the Van Gogh and the Seasons exhibit at the National Gallery of Victoria for Mother’s Day.

Bears do brrritos:



Some of my favourites from Van Gogh:


Throughout the year, we have to complete 3 long case presentations (first 2 each worth 5% of our MD2 grade, last 1 worth 10%) and 6 mini-clinical encounters (altogether worth 10%). I’ve completed my first 2 mini-CEXs both scoring 4/5, and my first long case scoring 7/10. The marking for the mini-CEXs at Bendigo is quite varied. We have to find our own registrars and consultants to assess us and we can do as many as we want and select the highest scoring ones. Some doctors have little time, some doctors have a lot of time, some mark harshly, some mark easy. For my first mini-CEX, I had to take a history from an elderly deaf patient and present it to an ICU registrar – he was a fairly easy marker. For my second mini-CEX, I spent 4 days chasing after a busy rehabilitation registrar before he referred me to the neighbouring neurology rehabilitation registrar, who spent an hour and a half teaching me how I could improve on my history and examination – he was also a fairly easy marker. For my long case, I had to present to the Monash clinical dean – he asked questions in a very interesting manner and he was a fair marker.

Now it’s time to chill.